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The purpose of YAA Coaching is to provide the right level of coaching to Yorkshire's archers, from grass roots to world class.
YAA Coaching is part of the Yorkshire Archery Association.


Welcome to the website of YAA Coaching, the organisation for archery coaching in Yorkshire.


Arrowhawks Archery Academy has been launched to provide national talent development and academy programmes to Yorkshire

 Arrowhawks booklet

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Latest coaching news

4 June 2024: The next YAA Coaches Forum will be held in Thirsk on the 4th of August:
 YAA Coaches Forum August 2024

The minutes of the March 2024 YAA Coaches Forum are available:
 YAA Coaches Forum March 2024 minutes (PDF)

19 March 2024: The next YAA Coaches Forum will be held in Haxby on the 30th of March:
 YAA Coaches Forum March 2024

29 February 2024: Arrowhawks will be running a L1 Session Coach training course, fully face to face, in Haxby from April:
 Level 1 Session Coach course at Arrowhawks, York

22 February 2024: NFP Archery will be running a Session Coach course at Selby:
 Session Coach training courses by NFP Archery at Selby

1 February 2024: The NCAS Coach Conference included a presentation on the key aspects of the role of County Coaching Officer:
 Role of the CCO

18 January 2024: The YAA's Coach Qualification Grants have been revised:
 YAA Coaching Qualification Grants

18 November 2023: The NCAS Coaching Conference will he held in Barnsley on the 21st of January:
 Regional coaching conference

2 October 2023: The next session of the YAA Coaches Forum will be held in Linthwaite on Saturday the 28th of October:
 YAA Coaches Forum - fourth meeting

17 August 2023: A UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children course will be run in Sheffield on Thursday 21st September:
 UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children course

15 August 2023: The last two outdoor Arrowhawks sessions of 2023 will take place on Sunday 20th August and Saturday 16th September:
 Last two outdoor Arrowhawks sessions of 2023

7 August 2023: The Archery GB National Talent Development Programme will start on the 15th of October at Arrowhawks Archery Academy in York:
 National Talent Development Programme 2023

26 June 2023: The third meeting of the YAA Coaches Forum will be hosted by Thirsk Bowmen on Saturday the 8th of July:
 YAA Coaches Forum - third meeting

18 June 2023: Volunteers and equipment for novices are requested for the British Transplant Games 2023:
 Volunteers and equipment needed for British Transplant Games 2023

26 February 2023: Pennine Archers will be running Level 2 and Level 1 Coach training courses in Linthwaite this year:
 Coach training courses at Pennine

19 January 2023: A diagram has been produced which shows the related factors involved in renewing Coach licences:
 Coach licence renewal diagram

7 January 2023: The second meeting of the YAA Coaches Forum will be held in Haxby, York on Saturday the 25th of February:
 YAA Coaches Forum, second meeting

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