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Erin Prior psychology workshop on enhancing confidence

Kath Fitzpatrick - 1 October 2018

Following on from last year's successful weekend of Sport Psychology with GB archer and sport psychologist Erin Prior, Arrowhawks are pleased to be hosting another weekend with a new workshop "Enhancing Confidence to Improve Performance". Details below:
 Details of the Enhancing Confidence workshop (DOCX)
 Booking form (DOCX)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Arrowhawks winter and spring sessions - details

Kath Fitzpatrick - 1 October 2018

Arrowhawks Archery Academy will be running coaching and training sessions throughout the winter at Haxby York and in the spring at York Bird of Prey Centre.

Sessions are available for both juniors and seniors.

If you wish to attend, please email Kath Fitzpatrick for the application form:

Some documents have been provided which will give you full information about the programmes:
 General information about Arrowhawks and the programmes (PDF)
 The juniors programme (PDF)
 The seniors programme (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Blackridge Level 1 coaching course

Blackridge Archery - 30 August 2018

We are running a Level 1 Coaching course - details as follows.

Course administrator: Jon Joyce

Course code: 19 L1 04

Course dates:
 Sunday 20th January 2019
 Sunday 3rd February 2019
 Sunday 3rd March 2019
 Sunday 14th April 2019 - Assessment

Lead Coach: Mary Hannan

Course cost: £300.00

Limited places - please call:
 01377 254818
or email:
for further details or to make a booking.

Blackridge Archery

Arrowhawks winter and spring sessions for juniors and seniors

Kath Fitzpatrick - 7 August 2018

Arrowhawks Archery Academy will be running coaching and training sessions throughout the winter at Haxby York and in the spring at York Bird of Prey Centre.

Arrowhawks is a registered Archery GB club as well as an academy style training programme delivered at a local level open to any Archery GB members. It incorporates the previous YAA squads but is also open to archers from other counties.

Junior archers
A coaching/training programme tailored by level for novice, intermediate and advanced archers up to age 20.

Two sessions per month are available with a programme covering
 technical development;
 physical training;
 social training;
 equipment set up and tuning;
 psychology for competitive archery;
 and training planning and programmes.

Recurve and compound welcome. Target and field archery catered for.

For details contact Kath Fitzpatrick at:

Senior archers
A programme of six tailored and processional sessions over the winter months to help archers of all levels keen to improve.

Sessions cover:
 Technique development - recurve and compound also barebow/longbow using the Archery GB technical framework and assessment processes;
 Equipment set up and tuning;
 Developing performance through elements of sports psychology - competition preparation;
 Strength and conditions and pre-hab routines - understanding and applying principles of how the shot is developed and developing physical training appropriate to enhance performance;
 Training and competition effective planning and building your own training programme.

Bookings can be made by session with discounts for those booking the full programme.

Enquiries to Kath Fitzpatrick at:

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Winter coaching and training with Trinity

Trinity Archery Coaching - 2 August 2018

Trinity Archery Coaching are fast approaching our next winter coaching sessions, starting in October 2018.

This is our sixth year using Leeds Trinity University sports hall, an excellent venue allowing for a team of coaches to supervise shooting, coaching and video analysis, all taking place at the same time.

This coaching is available to all archers shooting all bow types.

Contact Andy Arnold on:
 07879 330945

 Trinity Archery Coaching

Please see the flyer below for more information and contact details:

Level 2 coaching course

Blackridge Archery - 23 June 2018

We are running a Level 2 Coaching course - details as follows.

Course administrator: Jon Joyce

Course code: 18 L2 07

Course dates:
 Sunday 9th September 2018
 Sunday 23rd September 2018
 Sunday 7th October 2018
 Sunday 21st October 2018
 Sunday 4th November 2018
 Sunday 18th November 2018
 Sunday 24th February 2019 - Assessment

Lead Coach: Martin Holtby

Course cost: £395.00

Limited places - please call:
 01377 254818
or email:
for further details or to make a booking.

Blackridge Archery

Coaching Week

Kath Fitzpatrick - 17 May 2018

Coaching Week is coming! Join us as we celebrate Great Coaching, 4-10 June.

The inaugural event will see a week-long celebration of #GreatCoaching take place across the nation, with UK Coaching working alongside a range of partners and national governing bodies of sport to recognise great coaching.

Over nine million adults in the UK have received coaching over the past 12 months with a broad range of benefits delivered to recipients.

To mark Coaching Week, UK Coaching is inviting people across the UK to share when and where they have experienced great coaching. To help people know what they are looking for, UK Coaching is currently working with agencies to develop our Principles of Great Coaching, aimed to help define great coaching. These principles will help people recognise and understand great coaching.

Each day we will be highlighting great coaching stories as we bring to life what great coaching is and how it continues to benefit others - and we want you to join us.

If you’re a coach yourself or know somebody else who is, then join us on social media by celebrating what makes them a great coach using the hashtag #GreatCoaching. We’ll also be providing you with an opportunity to recognise your own coach who demonstrates our principles of great coaching.

Put Coaching Week in your diary and keep up to date with all the latest information.

Join us in celebrating coaching and supporting Coaching Week from 4-10 June 2018.


How you can get involved:
We'll be releasing great coaching content to celebrate Coaching Week each day from 4-10 June. Here's how you can play your part in celebrating Great Coaching.

If you're coached:
Celebrate Great Coaching by telling us your stories of how coaching has helped you in sport, physical activity and beyond using #GreatCoaching.
Recognise your own coach who lives and breathes great coaching by presenting them with a #GreatCoaching certificate (available here from the start of Coaching week).

If you're coaching:
Celebrate Great Coaching by sharing your own coaching stories using the #GreatCoaching hashtag via your own social media channels.

If you're a partner organisation:
Celebrate Great Coaching by sharing great coaching content. We'll be providing you with a toolkit to get you started but we want you to generate your own materials too. If you haven't yet told us you want to be involved and would like to find out more about sharing content, please contact our Communication Team.

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Level 1 course in Linthwaite

Helen Woodcock - 17 May 2018

We're running another Level 1 course in the autumn at NFP Archery in Linthwaite, Huddersfield. Dates are:
 29th September 2018
 13th October 2018
 14th October 2018
 24th November 2018

Cost is £260.

Further information from Helen Woodcock:

Helen Woodcock
NFP Archery
 NFP Archery

Level 1 course in Keighley

Bev DeToeuf - 8 May 2018

A Level 1 Coach training course will be held in Keighley, starting on Saturday the 1st of September 2018.

The course will be held at Keighley Table Tennis and Recreation Centre, Floor 2, Keighley Business Centre, South Street, Keighley, BD21 1SY. All sessions will be held indoors.

The dates are:
 Session 1: 1st September 2018
 Session 2: 2nd September 2018
 Session 3: 29th September 2018
 Session 4: 17th November 2018 (assessment)

Cost: £280

Please contact me by email for more details:

Bev DeToeuf

Level 1 Coach Courses 2018

Kath Fitzpatrick - 8 May 2018

There are three courses booked for L1 Coach in 2018. These are:

Haxby, York - 6 places available.
 Session 1: 10th June 2018
 Session 2: 24th June 2018
 Session 3: 15th July 2018
 Assessment: 2nd September 2018
Contact Jean Clarkson:

Barnsley YMCA - 5 places available.
 Session 1: 30th June 2018
 Session 2: 14th July 2018
 Session 3: 21st July 2018
 Assessment: 30th September 2018
Contact Kath Fitzpatrick:

Aire Valley - booking now.
 Session 1: 1st September 2018
 Session 2: 2nd September 2018
 Session 3: 29th September 2018
 Assessment: 17th November 2018
Contact Bev Detoeuf:

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

County Coach Course 2018-2019

Kath Fitzpatrick - 8 May 2018

The YAA is registering to run a County Coach course for coaches at level 2 who wish to progress to the next level. The County Coaching course is for coaches currently working with, or aspiring to work with, talented archers in a performance environment.

We are looking for coaches who:
 Want to further their own learning and development;
 Have 2 years+ at Level 2;
 Coach groups and individuals at their own and/or other clubs from novice to advanced levels;
 Have a desire to coach individuals to higher levels of performance in a talent/performance context.

County Coach is the L3 equivalent grade that moves from club-based coaching to performance-based coaching and applicants will be interviewed to ensure they have sufficient background in the sport to enable them to make this move.

For full details of the proposed course, please see this document:
 County Coach course 2018-19 details (DOCX)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Arrowhawks outdoor training sessions summer 2018

Kath Fitzpatrick - 2 May 2018

Junior sessions are open to all age groups of Arrowhawks attendees - new members welcome.

Open sessions may be any junior members plus open to any other archers senior or junior looking for coaching/development support. Open places must be booked with Kath.

 Arrowhawks junior members: £10 per session
 Open applicants: £15 per session

Arrowhawks session dates summer season 2018 outdoor sessions

Sunday 13th MayYork Bird of Prey CentreAll not at Junior Masters10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 19th MayYork Bird of Prey CentreAll juniors10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 23rd JuneYork Bird of Prey CentreAll juniors10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Sunday 1st JulyYork Bird of Prey CentreOpen10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 28th JulyYork Bird of Prey CentreAll juniors10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Sunday 12th AugustYork Bird of Prey CentreAll juniors10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 25th AugustYork Bird of Prey CentreOpen10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 1st SeptemberYork Bird of Prey CentreAll juniors - end of season shoot10:00 AM-4:30 PM

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Danny Cameron, new RCO

Kath Fitzpatrick - 24 March 2018

Danny Cameron from Thirsk Bowmen was elected as the new Regional Coaching Organiser at the NCAS AGM last weekend.

The last four RCOs have all been from the YAA. Norman Foster succeeded Bob Parkinson. Kath Fitzpatrick took over from Norman and stayed in post for 12 years, succeeded briefly by Carol Byde who resigned mid term with Kath standing in again.

Danny is a County Coach and the first RCO for many years who has not been a Senior coach.

As retiring RCO (again!) I wish him lots of luck in the role which I am sure he will make his own and carry out very well

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Northern Counties Coaching Conference 2018

13 February 2018

The Northern Counties Coaching Conference 2018 will be hosted by the Cheshire Archery Association, and will be held at The Whitby High School, Sycamore Drive, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH66 2NU on Saturday the 28th of April.


9:30 AM10:00 AMArrival, tea/coffee and bacon bap
10:00 AM10:05 AMWelcome and introduction
10:00 AM11:15 AMThe anatomy of the hand
Coaching juniors and the growth spurt
Warm-ups and cool-downs
11:15 AM11:30 AMTea/coffee break
11:30 AM12:30 PMUsing the Hooter Shooter to check compound bow set up
EAF - another route for aspiring archers
12:30 PM1:15 PMLunch provided - baked potato with topping, tea, coffee and biscuits
1:15 PM2:00 PMInsight into clout archery
2:15 PM3:00 PMInsight into field archery
3:00 PM3:30 PMObservation skills related to the Level 1 stages of shooting, AGB videos and the "high set up"
3:30 PM3:45 PMCPD points and license renewal or moving on to becoming a Level 2 coach

The cost is £25, which includes refreshments and lunch.

To book a place on the conference, please complete the booking form and send it off with the booking fee:
 Northern Counties Coaching Conference 2018 booking form (PDF)

AGB competitions review, presentation and discussion

Kath Fitzpatrick - 26 January 2018

Jon Nott, Archery GB's Competitions and Events manager, invites you to a session in Haxby, York on the 10th of March. This session will discuss the future of archery competitions in the UK.

If you're an archer, tournament organiser or a coach, please come and let AGB know your thoughts.

For full details and the contact email address for registering your interest, please see the flyer:

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Exciting new Academy programme at Arrowhawks Archery Academy

Kath Fitzpatrick - 19 September 2017

Arrowhawks Archery Academy brings national talent development and academy programmes to Yorkshire

Winter training will begin again in October as part of an academy provision which will be starting in York through the new Arrowhawks Archery Academy. This will bring the national talent development pathway into a regional and county locality through three venues in York.

As many know I have worked with Archery GB on the national academy for just over six years. In the past couple of years the number of juniors coming into talent development from the north has drastically reduced, though there is an increase from the midlands and south. It was evident that something needed to be done in the north since the regional AGB Academy closed a year ago and everything moved to Lilleshall, significantly increasing costs for northern juniors. With support from the National Academy team, I have stepped out of the Academy this year while remaining involved with the talent coach team so that I can devote some time and resource to developing northern talent, both recurve and compound.

To do this I have secured use of facilities in York and registered a club, Arrowhawks (one venue is at the York Bird of Prey Centre), to provide a basis for the academy.

Although it won't be a club in the usual sense, with no beginners or regular weekday shooting other than training and coaching sessions, it will aim to provide for recurve and compound juniors and also provide facilities for YAA senior squad sessions as well as open coaching days and coach development.

This is being developed with the support of Archery GB and archers in the north will be referred there for additional support, as well as existing and past national academy members. It is not an ATC as such so that we have greater flexibility, but will be similar in operation. The existing YAA junior squad will be part of this development with coaching teams for under 12 led by Lesley Wallace, 13-20 academy led by myself and senior squad led by Ian Foster. There will also be support for university students in specific sessions.

There will be costs for sessions and block booking for the academy will be available as we do have venue costs and travel costs to cover for the coaches. However, the aim is to keep this affordable for all, not to make profit.

The strength and conditioning programmes from the national academy, developed by the English Institute for Sport, will also be brought in supported by Bev Detoeuf and Lynette Williams, both qualified in physical training as well as being archery coaches.

Further details will be posted on the YAA and YAA Coaching websites as soon as dates are set; anyone interested in joining the academy or attending one-off training sessions can contact me by email or telephone at:
 01226 218518

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Tom Musgrove

Kath Fitzpatrick - 8 September 2017

It is with great sadness that I was informed that Tom Musgrove passed away on Monday September 4th 2017.

Tom was an amazing person and coach and I count myself privileged to have known him as a coach, friend and mentor for so many years.

Tom and Stan Snow were synonymous with Yorkshire archery and coaching when Mick and I came into archery in the early 80s. Tom was a Senior Coach before I was born! He went on to be a National Coach, working with the country's top juniors in the national squad, and was also responsible for the original Leader course. He was an avid learner as well as an educator, being one of the first to gain the new NCF-developed Degree in Sports Coaching, following this up with a Diploma in Sports Psychology - just to see and understand the relatively new field.

He had an enquiring mind and would love nothing more than to debate new ideas and research he had read - and playing devil's advocate just to see if you would stick to your opinions!

I don't know what Tom's epitaph would be, but whenever I think of him I can always hear him say "of course".

A great man and coach and I for one will miss just knowing that he's there if needed - as he always was.

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer

Coach qualification grants revised

Dave Phillips - revised 8 January 2017


At the January 2017 Committee Meeting, the YAA Committee reviewed the YAA Coach Qualification Grant Policy. Based on evidence of claims received during 2016 it was agreed that the September 2015 Policy would be amended to issue Coach Qualification Grants during 2017 as they are received, rather than waiting until 31st of January of the following year.

In line with the paragraph from the original May 2014 Policy, but updated in terms of dates, this revised policy will take effect from 1 January 2017 for coaches qualifying at Level 1, Level 2, County Coach and Senior Coach. Applications for grants from coaches qualifying at these levels in the 12 months prior to this date will be accepted. No applications for grants will be accepted for any coach qualification achieved before 1 January 2016.

In future, retrospective applications will be accepted for Coach Qualification Grants from coaches qualifying in the current and previous calendar years only.

The date of course completion will be taken as the date of the issue of the Coach Qualification Certificate.

This policy will be reviewed throughout 2017, with a view to not exceeding the maximum budget set by the Committee at the January 2017 Committee Meeting. If the amount claimed during 2017 is greater than the budget set, this grant scheme may be withdrawn with immediate effect.

January 2017 Grant Conditions
As with all YAA grants, all applications will be considered on merit by the YAA Committee, giving due consideration to the state of the association's circumstances and finances at the time of considering the application.

The grant is only available to coaches affiliated to the YAA, either through their club or directly, and who operate as coaches in the YAA area.

The application for a Coach Qualification Grant must be made on the application form below and must be accompanied by a COPY of the Coach Qualification Certificate. The completed application should be sent to the YAA Treasurer at the address given in the form. Applications via e-mail are acceptable, providing a copy of the certificate is attached.

With effect from January 2017 the levels of grant available are:
 Level 1 - £30.00
 Level 2 - £50.00
 County Coach - £75.00
 Senior Coach - £75.00

Application form:
 Application form, January 2017 revision (DOCX)

Dave Phillips
YAA Treasurer

Information for coach renewals

Kath Fitzpatrick - 13 March 2016

All coaches should note that there is now an updated renewal CPD matrix with a wider range of recognised activities, especially for L1 wishing to move to L2 and L2.

When you are completing your renewal form please use this matrix and not any previous versions:
 Great Britain Talent Coach Prospectus (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer
Northern Counties Regional Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

CPD information for coaches

Kath Fitzpatrick - 13 March 2016

Here are a few presentations I've used that coaches have been asking about.

Archery GB Pathways for All presentation was given at a series of seminars for Development in February last year:
 Pathways for All (PDF)

The ASPIRE one is about the coaching programme I will shortly graduate from with Sport England/ScUK and was given at the recent National Coaching Conference:
 ASPIRE coaching programme (PDF)

The Rotator Cuff is a simple short one showing the key muscles used in the shoulder area during the shot and was developed from a talk by Jamal Mashlab of EIS, who was the lead physiotherapist for Archery GB for 8 years:
 Rotator cuff (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer
Northern Counties Regional Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

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