NCAS Coaching Conference 2011

The Northern Counties Coaching Conference 2011 was held in Barnsley on the 22nd of May. Below are photos taken on the day, courtesy of Kath Fitzpatrick.

 Presentations and handouts from the NCAS Coaching Conference 2011

52 coaches attended:

Tech support:

Workshop by Paul Connolly, ScUK Coaching Network Development Manager:

Paul and Kath double act:

Paul Connolly, ScUK:

Focussed discussion on coaching support systems:

Charlie Hall, NCAS Chairman, attended with Kath Hall, CCO for DNAA:

Bill Spencer, St George's, feeding back from his table:

Pete Gregory, Cheshire, who presented a workshop on coaching for clout archery:

Mick Fitzpatrick - workshop on effective use of video for coaching analysis:

Michael Ward, current Director-England, presenting on mentoring in coaching:

Malcolm Clint, longbow archer, maker and coach, whose workshop on longbow set up, shooting and tuning, was extremely popular:

Malcolm on string properties:

Malcolm showing correct bow hand position to create a rotated bow arm for pressure, shock reduction, and creation of a secure arrow shelf:

Bracing height and nocking point:

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