NCAS Coaching Conference 2009

The Northern Counties Coaching Conference was held at Barnsley Archery Club on the 23rd of May 2009. All the presenters were of a high standard and all from NCAS too. Below are photos taken on the day.

All photos by Kath Fitzpatrick.

Tom Musgrove - session on muscle patterns and back pressure

Helen George - coaching disabled archers

Helen George - the session also included coaching VI archers and the equipment used

Around 50 people attended the conference

View of the conference during the session with Helen George

Tom - marking the questions he asked everyone!

Helen's session

Mick Fitzpatrick and Bev Detoeuf sorting out the technology

Bev Detoeuf - session on rotator cuff injury prevention and management; fitness for archery
Bev has offered a full day session for interested coaches - to be organised for autumn

Bev talking about spinal alignment

Mick Fitzpatrick - understanding the compound bow

Mick with a very high-tech graphic presentation he had produced to explain how the compound works

Cams, cables....

Bow set up and initial tuning

Bow set up prior to tuning - with a healthcheck on use of bow presses

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